Feltonomise your life.

Yes, we made that word up. But seriously, we care about helping you become your most unique self. And with a feltonomy bag, we hope you can express your vibrant personality.

It's not that kind of felt.

We know what you're thinking. Felt isn't cool. We're here to change that for good. Forget your childhood Arts & Crafts teacher and rediscover the joy of a lightweight and durable material.

We don't do ordinary.

Our signature feltonomy shape has taken years to perfect. Each and every piece is unique and one of a kind. We're sure you'll want your own feltonomy, but in case you weren't sure, this might help.

Outrageous themes

Once we've decided on a funky theme, we carefully select the raw materials needed to tell a unique story through every collection. From fabric to thread, we hand-select everything (often after much deliberation).

Surprising detail

Unzipping your feltonomy for the first time is an experience. You'll find intricate details and unique finishing touches in the most unexpected corners, so don't forget to stick your head inside.

Exclusive collections

We do everything by hand, and each item takes over 15 hours to produce. Our collections are limited to a small number of small and large pieces, all using our signature shape.

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