You will find some general guidance on how to look after your feltonomy below. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us at hello@feltonomy.com!

We only use 100% wool felt, which naturally repels dirt and water. Our felt can sustain light rain, but will prefer not being dragged through a puddle. If wet, let air dry. Don't try blowdrying it.

For spills, wipe immediately, and removed food stains by scraping off as best as you can. 

As with other light-colored items, pale colors will retain crispness better when not in contact with dirt. 

You can remove dust with a simple clothing brush or even by hoovering the surface on the lowest setting. Don't hoover the embroideries, as these are too fragile.

When not using, your feltonomy will be at its happiest in the provided dust bag.